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Daniel Pascale

Daniel Pascale

UX/UI Designer

about me

a tipsy tinkerer!

Howdy there,

Well, it looks as if you've stumbled into my web. Because you're here, a little about myself: I am always eager to learn a new skill, have a passion for beautiful, empathetic design, and love the thrill of problem-solving. I have two left feet, but I use 'em like I have two right feet. I enjoy a nice, cold beer that’s sat around long enough to reach room temperature, and many mistake my happy confusion for a can-do attitude and a positive spirit, or vice-versa(?). Above all else, I always do my part to create a warm, uplifting work environment for my co-workers and comrades.

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21hrs 4mins

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A delicious Banh Mi

banh mi

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21hrs 4mins


writing + delighting!

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dances with details!

mockup for Modern Core webpage

Modern Core

A bold, neon brush and the dark, concrete motif of a game-changer in the private mining sector - Modern Core, Inc. This is a fun and funky full-scale website that I designed (and then redesigned!) in Figma and built using Elementor Pro. Check it out.

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mockup of Chatbox Refactor UX/UI Design

Chatbox Refactor

A refactoring of the side panel/chatbox in our app, Spaces. What started as a refactor & redesign quickly turned into a reimagining as we developed a feature that would become useful in many more ways than we initially considered.

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mockup of remote work budgeting app

Remote Work Budget

As remote work becomes increasingly common, so do the number of adventurous spirits who are deciding to work while they travel abroad! This app is designed to help you take full advantage of the perks of remote work. Calculate your income and organize your budget in the target country of your choice, and decide if it is really time to make that big move, or take that well-deserved vacation. Designed and built with a team at Juno College.

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mockup of Sad Dad app

Sad Dad Glad

An app full of dad jokes to make your sad dad glad. Go ahead - cheer him up. Built in React.

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let's chit-chat!

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